"My wife Karen, recently lost her father when she first approached Sophie for Reiki. She does not enjoy traditional massage therapy and has always had the need for large personal space. Sophie made her feel extremely comfortable and at ease. Karen greatly enjoyed the session(s) and always looks forward to her next. I would recommend Sophie without any reservation and always appreciate how she helped Karen and myself in our constant search for well being."   - Jim H, Business Owner, New Canaan, Conn.

"I came to Sophie as a desperate reach for treatment to go along with multiple surgeries I had on my heart. I was beside myself and extremely stressed. I saw Sophie every week (once a week) for around 6 months with great success. Her reiki sessions healed and calmed me and I know that it had a good deal to do with my recovery. I always came away with a positive feeling and always felt so much better than when I stepped into her studio. Her “distance Reiki” sessions helped so much when I wasn’t able to get there in person. I would totally recommend her for anyone new or really familiar with the practice!"    - Peter S, Ice Sculptor, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Sophie is an excellent Reiki practitioner. She combines her natural compassion and empathy with her Reiki skills to give an absolutely amazing session. I have been going to Sophie for many years and have had experiences that range from relaxing to having major break-throughs and insights. Sophie's ability to make you feel at ease and cared for make receiving reiki from her unique and special. I highly recommend her!"  
​- Jennifer B, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Sophie is great at helping me quiet my mind as well as stretching and strengthening my body. Working with her is especially good for me because on the days I have class, my blood pressure drops significantly."  - Anne F, Community College Professor, Philadelphia, Pa.

“Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full way. With yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted — in body, mind, and heart — and how gradually we can open and release these blockages. As these are cleared, our energy is freed. We start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. Our lives begin to flow — or we begin to flow more in our lives”.