Born and raised in France with a Christian French mother and a Buddhist Montenegrin father, I was immersed very early in a diverse cultural and philosophical environment. It contributed to my desire to learn & understand people's choices and behaviors. From this curiosity stems my passion to speak several languages (fluent in 5) to connect with people from all over & a constant quest to understand human nature. In 1988 I started to learn how to heal people with a man trained in the Barbara Ann Brennan (former NASA physicist) method of energy healing. In my 20's my desire to help people heal their bodies and lives led me to practice yoga and I never stopped since. I see yoga, meditation, breath work and mudras (position of the fingers) as multiple compatible tools to get in touch with our authentic self and our desire for happiness. Being naturally gifted with healing, I trained for Reiki I in 1998, to gradually get my Master Teacher certification in 2018. I have practiced distance and hands on for years with great results. Having constantly worked on myself to become more present, using modalities such as hypnotherapy and EMDR, NLP, I decided to study them to further help my clients & students for they were so powerful, fast and life transforming. I obtained my Master in NLP in New York,NY over 2 years in 2017, got certified in Ericksonian hypnotherapy in 2019. Vision I want to provide to all who entrust me with their well being, personal attention with a vision that can be taught only through feeling being experienced to the core. Philosophy: always remaining curious. Striving for: being present & vulnerable. Growth is of the essence, and in doing so, being able to further my aptitudes at guiding others to find (again) their true essence.


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