Become a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner Heal Yourself, Family, Friends, Clients, Pets and More. You will learn the history and meaning of Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy); learn the Reiki precepts and how to use them in meditation; learn the hand positions to do Reiki for yourself and the hand positions for doing Reiki for others. You will get the attunment for Usui Reiki !& a mini reiki session. The class is 4 hours (not including the 21 days of self practicum) with workbook certificate and practicum in class.

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In this 4 hour class (not including your practicum time), you will enhance your understanding of the history and meaning of Usui Reiki; learn 3 Reiki II Symbols, including the one to do distance healing. You will learn their history, meaning, and how to draw them. You will practice self-Reiki, offering Reiki to others. You will receive the Usui Reiki II attunements and a mini reiki session, a workbook and a certificate. 



In the Reiki Master Practitioner class (after completing Reiki II) you will deepen your practice with a stronger connection with Source. The intensity of the flow coming in is undeniable. You will notice while performing self-Reiki, & Reiki sessions onto others the increased depth of your capacity to channel Reiki healing energy. You will receive your Reiki Master Attunement; learn the Reiki Master healing technique. A workbook will be provided, and you will receive your Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate upon completion of the 4 hours class and your practicum.