Morning Classes
9AM - 10:30 AM

Evening Classes
6:30PM - 8:00 PM


Pilates Fierce and Fit over 40

Pilates classes are 60 min and focus on the core to “design’ the arms,abs & the buttocks. With small weights & simple exercises, using muscle confusion, you will be able to develop and define the targeted muscles making you feel strong and beautiful. As we move at a comfortable pace, it is suggested to do the routine for a minimum of 6 weeks once a week to see visible results of shaping your strong and beautiful body and see clear definitions as well as feeling a new sense of strength and self esteem.


Inner Fire Yoga

How does it feel to feel good within You? Find out with Inner Fire Yoga.

Yoga means union. If you want to start to feel more harmonious, more at one with yourself or feel your life beginning to flow or maybe you start feeling that you begin to flow more with your life, then this class is for you. Inner Fire Yoga refers to the power of your breath. I like to focus on a variety of breaths to create a positive and balanced effect on all aspects of your being. The sequencing in my class will affect your physical & subtle bodies (the 7 primary energy centers called the Chakras) paying close attention to the language of your body, understanding its messages and accompanying the shift of energy in it, you will be guided to adjust the pose when necessary to experience the maximum benefits of each pose.

Classes are 90 min: 60 minutes of asanas followed by 30 min of guided relaxation in savasana with eye pillows, head rests, blankets provided for your comfort. It is accessible to all levels, providing a supportive experience to students of all ages, shapes, fitness,strengths, frailties. Yoga can be another tool to become aware of how and where we are restricted in body, mind, or heart, and help us to gradually open, release these blockages. As these are cleared, our energy is freed.


Mudra Meditation

A powerful tool at your fingertips

Learn hands on, how to meditate using Mudras (hand and finger gestures in Sanskrit) to get in touch with your inner being. Mudras have been known to maintain balance in the body. They are powerful tools for accomplishing this, as they carry specific goals channeling your body’s energy flow. While there are thousands of Mudras we will firstly focus on those used to charge and open our chakras before moving to other ones more specific to each students’ needs and more. This is a tool, which efficiency in providing health and empowerment has been used for centuries. Once you become familiar with them, you can use them whenever and wherever you find yourself. You will also learn some breathing techniques to assist you in this inner discovery of well being at your fingertips.

The class is 60 minutes to walk you through an active meditation while laying or sitting.